Tuesday, March 25, 2008

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

We have lengthened our stay in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, here in Banderas Bay, up the bend, so to speak, from Puerto Vallarta. We have found that our repairing, trouble-shooting and provisioning needs can be met quite well where we are. Puerto Vallarta is an easy bus ride away when we're in need of particular items, or a social night out. But La Cruz is more quaint and friendly, and a good place to settle in.

Cruisers abound here, some also preparing for the Pacific Puddle Jump (as it's called) to the Marquesas. We spent a good deal of the first week here visiting with Wayne Mertesky of Moonduster, whom we had met in Ensenada. The cruising scene in Puerto Vallarta is old hat for Wayne so he offered a great wealth of advice on where and how to get things accomplished around town to prepare for the passage. We explored just about every little taco stand in La Cruz together, and hunted down some perfectly delectable flan for dessert most nights. We took a Sunday evening stroll down the malecon in Puerto Vallarta, watching and weaving through throngs of couples and families, there to see and be seen. We went out for dinner and some great live music on Good Friday, our send-off for Wayne who is now en route in the Pacific. Bound for paradise....

Easter is a pretty big deal down here and, the week preceding, Semana Santa, is part of the holiday. In celebration, La Cruz hosted a carnival for the whole week, featuring rickety rides, balloon darts, sweets and a little road-side gambling. On the last night, everyone and their uncle were out on the street, enjoying the carnival games and a festive 12-piece mariachi band. Ben and I had a blast on the pirate ship - just the two of us gringos and a bunch of boys, who thought it pretty hilarious to hear me screaming behind them. It was FUN!
For the last few days I've been treating three dogs belonging to the owners of a local convenience store. One of them, "Talia," is pretty sick. I'm cautiously optimistic because she's feeling better, but I have a feeling that whatever lies lurking is unresolved. The other two, "Coyote" and "Sorio" have wounds that are well within my ability. In exchange we've been receiving free refrescos. Our conversations are interesting as the family doesn't speak English, and vice versa. I make up words as I go and they seem to be able to figure me out.

I've been experimenting with video lately and have put together a couple clips. One of the birds on Isla Isabella, the other from the La Cruz carnival. Bear with me, as they're pretty amateur. But, you can check them out. Click on Pangaea's Photo Album link on the upper right side of the blog's front page.

And, for the timebeing, we'll continue bumming in Banderas Bay.



Fid said...

Where did you get your Dolitte and Co Veterinarian Banner? Your pictures from Baja have me inspired to do my kayak trip from San Felipe to La Paz. Everyone else is on a trip. Why not me? Oh yea, I am hurt and rehabbing. Oh well, I am as jealous as ever. Amy left Sitka today to start the herring season. One of the smaller boats in the fleet netted a grey whale today and almost capsized but they managed to cut the net and everyone (whale included) was ok. Miss you. Sent you a longer email.
Peace. Fid

Tia said...

Hi Shawn and Ben! We love your blog. I hope you can save Talia and the other dogs, and that the Easter Bunny made it to your "house" too :). Be safe. Lots of love, Teresa, Dennis, Ciara and Maeve