Thursday, December 13, 2007

How did we get here?

Ben and I began scheming our exit strategy back in 2003, shortly after I started ER veterinary work at Animal Emergency and Referral Center (now VCA Veterinary Specialty Center). Funny how hard work gets you thinking about vacation (insert tropical backdrop). So, we hunkered down to pay down debt, buy a boat, and grow a nest egg to sustain us once unemployed.

After a year's search, we came across our Ross 40, built in 1987 in New Zealand. With only two of these on the west coast, we found ourselves on a plane to LA to check her out in September 2004. She's a roomy racer-cruiser, but had only been used to race until now. She was seaworthy and well maintained but spare in the way of live-aboard amenities. We took her out for a test sail, and we were smitten.

The past 3 years have seen us scraping our knuckles, bruising our knees, bumping our heads, sustaining small lacerations, bickering, nagging, and getting married (not to mention getting washed aground when our anchor gave way). And yet, here we are - almost done getting Pangaea ship-shape for our needs, and almost ready to shove off for tropical destinations. Southward ho!


Victor said...

I am so glad you posted this site, I miss you two and this is the next best thing.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Shawn & Ben. This is really neat. I can see your ability to "turn a phrase" coming through Shawn. I look forward to many updates as you progress on your "Grand Voyage". I will miss our breakfasts and seeing you on those rare occasions when you guys aren't busy but will be happy to live vicariously through your descriptions of your experiences and the places you see.

Jacques said...

Jacques said..
I am anxiously waiting for "la suite".
When do you leave? have you already left?
We are starting to plan to visit you in New zealand next christmas.

Pam said...

Shawn and Ben,
We love your long awaited BLOG.
Really looking forward to hearing about Galapagos and offshore adventures of Pangaea!

Stong winds and following seas!
Pam and Denis

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

Look forward to seeing you in NZ!


Hamish Milne

(first owner of Pangaea alias Jesse James!)